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The satisfaction of knowing you got the perfect ring after setting up the most romantic place, writing the perfect offer, and proposing to your beautiful girl is invaluable.

Gain her undivided love by proposing with a Golden Renaissance bypass engagement ring. Our exclusive bypass engagement ring showcase a band that runs around a central stone with ends that never meet, creating a wavy and intricate impression.

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task with so many options and styles, but bypass engagement rings are a stunning option with an air of savoir-flair and complexness.

This type of perfection can only be achieved by artisans who’ve been dedicated to jewelry making for nearly forty years. A bypass engagement ring is a statement in itself, it represents the resilience toward adversity, courage, and long and interlaced life together.

The confidence you will have in gifting a ring from Golden Renaissance will bring you passion, joy, and strengthen your future family ties. The one ring to melt her heart can be yours with a brief visit and measurements. We will worry about the details so you can focus on planning the proposition of a lifetime.

Bypass engagement rings can resemble rings from ancient castles of the Middle Ages and their elaborate design is mesmerizing. Such rings are well suited for lovely proposals. A great option if you want an unusual and well-designed gift.

If your relationship has gotten to a place where you would like to make it permanent and formalized to all your friends and family, visit Golden Renaissance to choose a mesmerizing ring that will symbolize how you feel.

We showcase diamonds that are well contoured and yellow, rose, or white gold.

An engagement ring will most likely be the most important piece of jewelry you will ever purchase since modern couples usually pick their wedding rings together, so we know you want it to be special and a reflection of who you are and what you want.

Trust Gold Renaissance to purchase a crafty and safe design without stepping out of your budget. Turn life around with a bypass engagement ring from a well-known brand with maximum confidence.

Book an appointment with Golden Renaissance to decide which of our bypass engagement rings is the one to melt her heart. Learn about the designer and story behind each one of our rings and find the right story to match yours.

Engagement rings are the main and most important jewelry in the wardrobe of any woman. From old times to modern days, they emphasize the engaged status of a woman. Thus, their symbolic meaning for young women on all continents of the globe.

No matter how soon you would like to propose, the professionals at Golden Renaissance will provide you with a place to start. Our experts will love helping you. Among the many models of bypass engagement rings, we have a classic, contemporary, or the two styles combined. Our experts will help you select engagement rings inexpensively and tastefully.
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