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How charming and original is the idea of wearing a ring consisting of two crossed lines with a longer sequence of diamonds?

Thanks to the movement in the ring design, the hand line is enhanced, and expertly cut diamonds offer the best light to accentuate the modernity of a revisited classic.

Engagement rings are a symbol: a testimony of the love for one's life partner, of the commitment for a life together, of the promise of a union with a profound value, a value represented precisely by the stones and metals that make up the jewel.

It seems that the habit was born already in the period of Ancient Rome when two wedding rings were given to a woman: one of higher value to wear during the times of the day when she dedicated her time to social life, and one of more modest value, to be kept within the home.

After this historical period, the tradition of the premarital gift, which the future husband gives to the future wife to sanction her commitment to him, is found on several occasions and with different customs and habits.

And how to celebrate a solemn commitment in the way you want—eternal and unchanging—better than with a criss-cross engagement ring?

Golden Renaissance Jeweler’s criss-cross styles showcase classic twisting lines surrounding a large and unique stone, as unique as the love you want to celebrate. The larger the diamond, whether it is cut or in its most classic brilliant shape, the more evident and important the ring will be.

But let's not underestimate the symbolic value of this ring and its emotional impact. Even a modest budget can provide you with a well-mounted stone from us, which often makes the happiness of many women overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment.

The criss-cross style allows a broader look around a beautiful stone making it seem bewitching and brilliant. A perfect symbol to reiterate the metaphor of love in a person's life.

Each engagement ring has its peculiarity and characteristics, but the criss-cross is a sure style to cause the impression of a large ring.

Mark this moment that is so unique and lovely with a criss-cross ring. Set up a place that is special for the two of you, have some music or romantic lights and that discreet friend to take photos that immortalize the moment you tell her you to want to be hers forever.

Our staff knows the individuality of this moment and will be there to guide you every step of the way. We are proud of making couples happy and we are always here when you need maintenance of your precious metal and rare stone.

If you want to order exclusive white gold criss-cross engagement rings for an individual design, then our jewelers will be happy to develop a sketch taking into account all your wishes.

Looking through the photos on our website will surely point you to a model that will make her heart beat faster!


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