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Engagement Rings form a link between two people from an ancestral and constantly evolving tradition, traces of which can be found as far back as ancient Egypt. This jewel is also deeply personal, a unique expression to the wearer at each stage of life.

The timeless artistry of solitaire engagement rings symbolizes the values of dedication and commitment, while the identity of each natural diamond makes them absolutely unique.

The stone in solitaire engagement rings appears larger and its brilliance is increased tenfold. This jewel shines with a thousand lights and is particularly appreciated by women who want an engagement ring that does not go unnoticed!

Solitaires are arguably the most traditional form of engagement rings. The setting disappears magnifying the center stone, especially when it is a diamond. With a few prongs, the solitaire keeps an elegant and refined line suitable for women who seek elegance and seek to wear a classic.

Despite the many fashion trends, engagement rings with a large single diamond still occupy a leading position in new collections and the solitaire style is the best to emphasize them. The design of such rings is very concise with nothing distracting from the contemplation of a central flickering gem. Solitaire engagement rings will always be in vogue regardless of changing trends.

A diamond is a synonym of luminosity and solitaire rings come shaped to maximize its natural beauty and uniqueness making this jewelry classic. Golden Renaissance experts will make sure you choose the best solitaire engagement ring with some practical, expert, and cost-effective advice.

This is a thin and delicate product with one stone, which can be a heart-rending demonstration of love. Classic jewelry models are especially popular among people planning an engagement. Come to Golden Renaissance to feel and hold each of our options to decide which one feels right.

Engagement rings are the only items that will surely follow you your entire time together. This ring style will appeal to those who like to combine the purity of the diamonds with a touch of sophistication in a striking effect.

We also showcase vintage-inspired designs with intricate details and stones along the bands. Brilliance and visual impression are to the full effect in the light of rose, yellow, and white gold options. This will be an excellent choice for those who dream of an old-fashioned look.

Curved, twisted or asymmetrical shapes, our rings do not have the shape of a flat solitaire but come out in stunning views of the great classics of jewelry. From the edge of originality to pure creation, these engagement rings will suit women who are looking to wear a model that they are unlikely to find on a friend's finger.

Choosing an engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions, and it is natural to be afraid of making a mistake. This is why we have precious advice on how to choose your engagement ring and we are committed to helping you find the ideal jewelry. Do not hesitate to consult us, you will find all the answers to your questions.
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