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Located in the heart of Waldorf, G. Renaissance Jewelers offers a large selection of split shank engagement rings in warm and dazzling settings, sparkling with diamonds and noble metals!

Here at G. Renaissance, we know your proposal will undoubtedly be one of the most important days of your life, that is why we work with renowned brands to make sure you have the quality and precision only the best will offer.

Split shank engagement rings are an emblem of the love that stays with couples forever, so choosing a split shank ring is a wonderful choice: jewels she will never want to remove!

Get a little closer to the dream of a life together. Enjoy this romantic step that certainly is the inspiration behind the design of our split shank rings. Visit G. Renaissance’s store.

Split shank choices include lustrous metals and diamonds with timeless, refined, and original designs. The offers in our store will make your head spin!

Come see our complete selection, so you can be sure to find yours: as unique as if it had been designed for her and will make her smile throughout her life.

Our products are treated with the utmost care, from the simplest to the most sophisticated styles. Find the fashionable design that translates the message in your heart best.

Split engagement rings will undoubtedly suit extraordinary couples who prefer to have an even mix of traditional and modern and like something unique for themselves.

There are advantages to deciding on a split shank engagement ring: with its intricate inlays and details, this style emphasizes the taste of the giver of the ring.

Our styles include a wide variety of white gold choices as well as two-tone rings that include yellow and rose gold.

Embrace a split shank engagement ring, which is a symbol of romance and the official start of your wonderful adventure together.

Choose a piece of jewelry that will last as long as your love will, even more, that can be passed on, that incorporates your story, that you see on the finger of your partner, and feel moved when you think about the proposal.

Explore split shank styles with tall galleries and shanks with encrusted diamonds. With a split shank, the lustrous effect is always doubled. Choose a unique, matchless split shank ring today.

Golden Renaissance opened its doors in 1981 and since then it has been accompanying couples starting a life together after engagement proposals done with incredible engagement rings.

With our gorgeous selection of split shank engagement rings, there is the certainty of having a little magic, we promise!

Find a wonderful split shank engagement ring in Waldorf, Maryland, with us. Our goal is to help you find the precious ring and help make this moment even more pleasant and delightful to the soon-to-be bride and groom.

G. Renaissance is entirely dedicated to the world of proposals and is proud to serve its customers in Waldorf for nearly four decades! Come see us at 2591 Crain Hwy, Waldorf, MD.
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