White - Straight - Engagement Rings



Elegant couples with a solid sense of style are usually looking for a straight engagement ring. It is a stunning and classic ring with delicate and rare features.

The dazzling models we showcase here at Golden Renaissance are gaining more and more followers thanks to their originality. And it’s not only that, couples who think ahead like to find an engagement ring intended to match the wedding band.

Incorporating a sense of synchronization between the two rings for the engagement ring purchase is pretty sensible, especially when one of you will be wearing both for eternity.

And when going with the trend of stacking or combining rings that mark a special occasion in life, the timeless straight or only slightly at an angle becomes a favorite.

Couples quickly find what they are looking for among the well-designed selection we feature here at Golden Renaissance.

If you want to be down-to-earth, we’ve got you covered too. G. Renaissance offers sets of bridal rings where we take care of making engagement rings and wedding bands fit harmonically and elegantly.

Another perk of preferring a straight engagement ring is that she is much more unlikely to tire of it. Of course, it is always a matter of personality, but a large and grandiose ring you see every hour of every day can be overwhelming for some women.

We advise you to choose an engagement ring whose center stone does not occupy too much of her finger to be able to wear it with your future wedding ring: in comes the straight style.

For an engagement ring, the perfect setting should always be the one that works every day: a setting that holds the stone well, that does not catch on clothes and that is not too heavy on the finger.

Our straight engagement rings enclose all that while emanating an air of good taste and certainty about what one wants and needs. If you are in Waldorf, Maryland, stop by and be mesmerized by the straight engagement rings from Golden Renaissance Jewelers.

Right now, couples are very fond of modern takes on the straight style with sleek bands and well-defined offers of settings, but we never forget another trend is always in vogue: the vintage styles, more grandiose and luxurious.

In addition to the famous solitaire, so symbolic of love, we offer straight forms adorned with a frieze of diamonds or central diamond clusters.

Traditionally, the star metal of engagement rings is white gold: timeless, it blends into the white of diamonds, goes with everything, and cheerfully spins the metaphor of purity.

However, at the moment, we craft incredibly artistic pieces in rose gold, a lovely shade, sublime with diamonds which lends well to the symbolism of engagement.

If your girl wants a diamond, the next step is to figure out what size and setting she would like. Don’t worry about this step, this is something you can do at our jewelry store in Waldorf with our diamond experts to guide you.

Beyond the aesthetic qualities of straight engagement rings, you must find a specific jeweler you always can go back to in time of need. We will have your recorded preferences with us, and you can always have your maintenance in order.

Don’t waste time, with Golden Renaissance straight engagement rings, you will hear the acceptance you’ve been dreaming of to start a happy and romantic life together right here in Waldorf, MD.
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