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Jewels are attached to the most precious moments of our life,
like meaningful ceremonies, goals achieved, and significant events. That is why it is desolating when they break: they are
gifts that show how much someone wants to see us shine.

Jewels are elaborate treasures, and it is often not comfortable to entrust our most precious objects to someone we do not know. For this, we should only use the help of our trusted jewelry stores.

In this article, you will learn about jewelry repairs and understand why you can rest assured your jewelry is in good hands with Golden Renaissance.


Our expertise

Since 1981, Golden Renaissance has provided assistance, maintenance, and repair of jewels in Waldorf, Maryland, guaranteeing trust and professionalism to all our customers.

When you use our masters' savoir-faire, you are working with art professionals. Our skilled artists take the time to observeand analyze your jewelry.

We give life to jewelry and transform pieces regularly.
Above all, we offer a passionate and creative service.

The jewels we repair have the same shade and appearance as
the undamaged parts of your jewel. Our stone setting work is
done with extreme care; all stones are reset firmly. We do not
leave marks on the surface of your cherished jewel.

We will listen to your preferences and concerns, and then offer modern repairs, accurate to your expectations. Also, we will explain the various possible restorations within your budget.


Our services

Below we list all the primary jewelry repair services
our artisans provide:

Repair of damaged modern and dated jewelry
Welding of gold or silver chains and bracelets
Setting of diamonds, precious, and semiprecious stones
Cleaning and polishing of gold or silver jewelry
Replacement of clasps
Rhodium plating service
Recovering the luster of your jewels
Small goldsmith repairs
Transforming a broken jewel into a new designed piece
Ring resizing

Expert tips to keep your jewels flawless for a long time

To have jewels that last, they must be maintained. For this,
it is essential to visit jewelry professionals to make sure
your precious treasures are well-preserved.

Timely repair of your jewelry will extend their life, which
means that they can continue to delight you as they did the
first time you wore them.

If, even with regular visits to your jeweler, your jewelry
accidentally breaks, don't part with your favorite jewelry!
Just have it repaired by us and continue to wear it with the
same pleasure. We undertake the repair of standard and
exclusive jewelry with extreme caution.

Check the links of your chain every six months for the presence
of worn off links, and then you can protect yourself from losing special and cherished pieces without your notice.


How long does it take to
repair jewelry?

The repair time depends on the complexity of the work required. Some jewels require special attention and will need more time; others are simpler. The time will also depend on how on-demand your jeweler is when you look for assistance.

Cleaning and polishing can sometimes be done immediately,
while elaborate chains will take meticulous work. The complexity of resizing always depends on rings having a variety of stones
set along the shank or not.

Welding is one of the most frequent repairs in jewelry. Jewels are small works of art: they are delicate and can break. To get back
to the way they used to, they need the technique that only
our experts can offer.


Can a Jeweler fix a
broken chain?

The friction of the chain links at the base of clasps causes the breakage of gold and silver chains. Gold, silver, and platinum
are noble metals, and if a heavy pendant or charms are worn
on the chain, then the life of the chain decreases significantly.

While most chains can be repaired, some will take more time
thus be more expansive, while others can be fixed by simply adding an extra link. Hiding the repair is more challenging with thread-like chains. The thickness of the chain will also affect
the possibility of a repair.

The repair of the metal chains needs preparing: eliminating imperfections, soldering the jewel, and cleaning the product
after the jewelry work has been done.

Jewelry Repair in Waldorf, MD

A piece of jewelry can be very delicate and have multiple details.
Entrust the repair of your jewelry to our professionals.
We are meticulous. For such jewelry repairs, it is necessary
to have an expert  hand and the appropriate equipment.

We can make your jewel return as new from an aesthetic point
of view and extend its life through specific treatments.
Visit us, and you can be sure that your products
will fall into the caring hands of experts.

Come to
Golden Renaissance Jewelers for jewelry repair,
we will provide you with an accurate and timely estimate.
In a short time, we will be able to tell if we can repair
your jewel and how much it will cost you.

Repairing your jewels means taking care of them and celebrating the special moments of your life with you. We know how much they mean to you so we will give them all our attention and competence. Your jewels are memories of precious moments; don't let them fade!

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