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Diamond Bracelets in Waldorf, MD

For over 35 years, ASHI has been delivering top quality designs from facilities all over the world to only the finest jewelry retailers in North America, and we at Golden Renaissance Jewellers are humbled to carry such ingenuity.

Using only the finest diamonds, their handcrafted bracelets offer a unique styling and intricate design work, all with you in mind. Using sterling silver as their base metal, the brand is able to provide your bracelets with the elegance of diamonds but at a more affordable, but equally as dazzling, silver rate.

If you’re looking to buy your significant other a bracelet that shows her how much you love her, look no further than this Silver Infinity Bangle. As it wraps its way around your wrist, the two endpoints form loops that intertwine at the center face of the bracelet.

A glimmering round cluster of diamonds in a pave setting secures one of the loops in place and adds a lovely geometric component to the center design. While the illusion is that the ball and loop act as the method of adjustment that helps in taking the bangle on and off, a hidden clasp on the side of the band serves that function and allows the intertwining loops to stay in place and represent the strength of your love.

Love is on Ashi’s mind again with this Connected Heart Shaped Bracelet. Here, a sterling silver rope chain is held together with a bolo clasp with balls on the end that help make this bracelet easily adjustable. Simply put your arm through and move the bolo clasp inwards to tighten the piece around your wrist. As the centerpiece of the bracelet, Ashi features a playful rendition of two interconnected hearts laying horizontally beside each other.

The focal point, however, is the diamond-studded segment within the lining of the hearts, connecting the two in one fluid motion, symbolizing two hearts joining into one. Beside the hearts, tubes of sterling silver add an extra layer of ornamentation that weigh the centerpiece down and secure it in place at the face of your wrist.

A bolo clasp is featured again in this meticulously designed round pendant bracelet. At the center of the pendant, a rounded cluster of pave diamonds adds a lovely shimmer. Around that, a milgrain halo frames the diamonds and is itself bound together in a circular outline. The major element in this pendant, though, is the filigree weaving along the edges. Giving off the appearance of a never-ending loop, this design is similar to the elaborateness of the mandala shape, allowing the eye to get lost in its elegant illusion.

Bangles also have a large presence in this stunning collection, pairing perfectly with the inherent stack-ability of the rigid pieces. If you’re interested in revamping your jewelry box, the affordability of these bracelets is a wonderful way to go. Elegant enough to stand on their own but simple enough to pair with others, bangles work perfectly as an every day jewelry piece.


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