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Earrings in Waldorf, MD

As perhaps the most visible piece of jewelry on the body, earrings are a fundamental part of a lady’s collection. Generally being a staple that many women change daily, there’s no such thing as too much, and we at Golden Renaissance Jewelers are happy to provide you with a plethora of styles to choose from. With designers like Ashi Diamonds and Gabriel & Co, we offer dazzling pieces that are great for both daily wear and special occasions.

For a luxuriously elegant set of earrings, look no further than Ashi’s Diamond Silver Gemstone Earrings. With a gorgeously bright baby blue topaz in the center, the oval cut is surrounded by a silver filigree halo, with a collection of diamonds dispersed around the oval shape. Set in sterling silver, the blue topaz captures the light and creates a brilliant ice-like appearance as these drop earrings fall gracefully.

Of similar elegance is these Cushion Cut Green Amethyst earrings. Also, drop earrings, the base features a handle that highlights the center stone as a piece to be carried and seen. The softness of the green amethyst is encircled by a halo of ravishing single cut diamonds that pairs with the gemstone perfectly.

By Gabriel & Co, these 14K Yellow Gold Huggie Earrings are exquisite and the perfect playful addition to your collection. As they depart from the ear in three strands, they protrude out and curve inward creating a 3D crescent moon shape.

For added opulence, the center strand is studded with diamonds to give that moon shape the glitter it needs. Casual but still with an air of sophistication, these earrings are highly versatile.

For further drop, consider these Triangle Diamond Earrings by Ashi. Geometrically inspired, these earrings feature two triangles one above the other and connected at two seamless points. Hanging from the top equilateral triangle is an upside-down isosceles triangle, both beautifully covered in diamonds.


Set in 14K White Gold, the drop in these earrings is significant and provide the dramatics to be the statement piece you crave. Consider, perhaps, these Ashi Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver for a more traditional look. With a slight dangle, these drop earrings feature an intricate curve reminiscent of a treble clef. As diamonds line the exterior, the twist of the silver strands opens up as it gets lower, cradling a delicate pearl as if it had just been unearthed. While still so simple, these earrings have the glamour that will dress up any outfit.

If a color is what you seek, Ashi offers a glorious set of drop earrings with a cluster of champagne brown diamond earrings in an effortless cushion cut. Around the stones is a diamond-shaped line of sterling silver that continues into teardrop-shaped extremities in all four points.

In between the four points are rose-colored swirls that pair perfectly with the brown of the diamond clusters. As the earring as a whole creates a diamond shape held by a teardrop at the base, the contrast of geometric patterns plays a pivotal role.

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