Local Watch Repairs: Entrust Your Luxury Watch To Specialists

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Local Watch Repairs: Entrust Your Luxury Watch To Specialists


With nearly two thousand moving parts, a luxury watch requires state-of-the-art maintenance to continue performing with the same quality and accuracy as on the first day we wear it.
Even if you have a timepiece which used to make you feel very proud and now has been set aside due to malfunctioning—there’s good news! Here at Golden Renaissance Jewellers, we’re a committed team specializing in bringing timepieces back to life!
So, let’s explore all services you can use to keep your timepieces working at top performance!


Watch cleaning


Much like most luxury goods, high-end timepieces’ delicate nature needs constant monitoring to ensure that they perform on a top level.
Timepieces are precious and need care to continue to run smoothly and present accurate time or any other function you always depend on. Special equipment ensures any micro issues are prevented if you keep your luxurious watch inspected regularly.
In fact, our precise equipment can verify any micro issues before they occur. When you have your watch inspected regularly, you can keep it flawless and ensure your investment is never lost. 

Watch battery replacement

Battery replacement

Regular batteries have come a long way and can last up to two years under regular use. If your battery-operated timepiece shows delays, a battery check can ensure it’s charging correctly. 
Changing luxury watches’ batteries involves opening the core of your timepiece. Preserving the waterproof seal and ensuring the case is secured adequately after the change is essential to the repair.
Trust this meticulous process into the hands of a trusted jeweler that knows how susceptible to humidity such a premium piece can be, and the attention to detail it requires. Experienced jewelers know the ideal battery for your timepiece and distinguish between Swiss, European, Japanese, and American batteries.

Watch Resizing


You should always wear a timepiece with the perfect fit in mind. Always tailor your watch to fit as if it was made for your wrist.
Golden Renaissance Jewellers can adjust links to various luxury Swiss timepieces so that they fit you like a glove.
Additionally, if your watch pin has broken, or you need a new watch bracelet, we can provide you with alternatives so that your luxury piece slides in place as if it was made for you! 

Demagnetizing watch


Magnetic fields generated by locks, cellphones, TVs, computers, or airplanes can affect your timepiece’s accuracy and rhythm. Since new technology  keeps us constantly surrounded by such fields, a watch that’s running too fast or too slow might need demagnetizing.
You don’t want to demagnetize your watch if this isn’t the reason for delays, so the best alternative is to take it to a specialist.
Considering the advances in timepieces’ mechanical complications, it’s easy to get mixed up dealing with a watch malfunctioning. That’s why it’s critical to take your luxurious watch to a trusted repair shop with the skills to handle your piece's unique needs.

Watch display

Display replacement

If you love your timepiece and wear it constantly, scratches can happen. We help you get the flawless look of a brand-new timepiece with alternatives such as light polishing or authorized crystal display replacement.
Come to us for genuine and trusted parts to have your watch shining brightly once again. Even a timepiece which has been a little neglected can still get back to its glory days with a new crystal display.

Watch Repairs In Waldorf, MD

To optimize the performance of your luxurious watch, we recommend you have it serviced once a year. A watch that is serviced regularly will rarely get tarnished.
Not many Swiss watch repair jewelry stores offer high-quality maintenance of luxurious timepieces in Maryland. But you can get on-site watch repair services from Golden Renaissance Jewellers.
You can trust us with
battery replacement or with a more complex repair. Visit us at  2591 Crain Hwy, Waldorf, MD. 

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